Scientific Method


        1.    Scientific Investigations Basics
- Scientific method worksheet, Physical Science textbook, ch. 1, pages 7-10.
- Read scientific investigations handout.
                - Sci. method powerpoint review, Class discussion and examples.
                - Read the Supergrow fertilizer investigation.
                - Class discussion and demonstration.
                - Answer the questions.
                - Review data chart.
                - Learn how to create a bar graph and a line graph.
                  Link:  Creating graphs
                - Analyze data.
                - Write a conclusion.
                - Read and discuss example conclusion.

        2.    Read Example Peter's Fertilizer Investigation
- Create a data table.
                - Create a bar graph to illustrate the data.                            example bar graph
                - Write a conclusion for the investigation.

        3.    Plant Growth Investigation
                - Plan a complete investigation.
                - Write Investigative Questions: (the following are examples)
                    * Does the age of plant seeds effect their germination rate?
                    * What effect does XYZ fertilizer have on plant growth?
                    * Does lime (calcium carbonate) improve the growth of plants in the greenhouse?
                - Conduct research.
                - Write a hypothesis.
                - Make a materials list.
                - Write out the procedures for the investigation.
                - Conduct the investigation in the greenhouse.
                - Collect data.
                - Create a data table for your data.
                - Analyze data.
                - Create a graph for your data (line or bar graph).
                - Write conclusion.

            Plant Growth Investigation Setup Sheet

              Example data tables, graphs, conclusion

              Data Form

              CO2 Experiement

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